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    Instant Movie Themes Download Error


      I have just upgraded to PE11 and have a series of jpg images in a PE file that I was trying to create as a slideshow.


      I have been using the expert view (although I cannot see that makes any difference) and thought I would try out the instant movie themes.


      The Pan and Zoom theme works fine, but I cannot get any of the other themes to work.   Selecting the theme and clicking the next button, PE11 shows the dialogue box in the attached image suggesting it is downloading content.   BUT, it never finishes and just cycles around the download with the blue bar filling, clearing and then starting again.   There is no error message, just a constant cycling of the blue bar.


      Has anyone else come across this?





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          As you can see, the program will download the other themes as needed. That's what it's trying to do in the illustration you provided.


          Have you registered the program and signed in with your Adobe ID?


          Do you have a good, reliable internet connection?


          If the answer to both of those questions is yes, you may have just caught the Adobe site offline. Try again. Depending on your internet speed, it can take a couple of minutes.