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    How to perform complete loop on MouseOut?


      I have a logo here: http://joshuagull.flauntyoursite.com/

      I set the animation to loop on rollover, and return to position when complete. But the transition is too sharp, and would either like it to ease back into place, or to complete a full loop before landing back at the first position.


      What's the best way to do this?



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          dhosford Employee Moderator

          Hi there,


          I am having trouble seeing your animation through that link. The only content I see is the video playing.


          Have you tried using sym.playReverse(); ? This would help the animation ease back to it's original starting point by playing backwards. Though it's hard to tell without seeing the animation.  If you can, could you post a link to the Edge Animate file itself so I could take a better look?



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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, Bahia0019-


            I see what you're talking about.  I think the best thing for you to do is to save a variable when you mouseout, and at the end of your timeline, have a check for this variable.  So, something like this:



            sym.setVariable("mouseout", false);



            sym.setVariable("mouseout", true);


            trigger at end of timeline:

            var mouseout = sym.getVariable("mouseout");


            if (mouseout) {


               sym.setVariable("mouseout", false);



            Hope that helps!