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    Dark PSE9 prints.  Help!


      When I print photos or pages via PSE9, they are very dark.  If I print them via Windows or directly via the printer, the prints are fine.  Windows and printer prints are very close to what I see on the monitor so I assume the monitor calibration is fine.  What is going on in PSE9?  Help!  Thanks.

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          dreambig123 Level 1

          I need some more specific details about your printing steps in order to help.

          What settings you are using in color management for color handling in PSE 9.


          For color management handling do the following:


          Scenario 1. If you're known and familiar to your printer profile, the type of paper you are using and if you have any other customization done for your printer profile then in this case please select Printer Manages Color in Color Handling drop down under color management of PSE.


          To achieve this, follow these following steps.

          1. Launch Print dialog.

          2. Click on "More Options..." button.

          3. Now select Color management.

          4. Here you can see the Color Handling drop down. Please select Printer Manages Color.


          Now print.


          Scenario 2. In case you want PSE to handle all color management then please select Photoshop Elements Manages Color in Color Handling drop down.

          But note that if you are using this option, make sure the color management of your Printer is off.


          Hope this will help you.