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    Exporting a 33 meg file makes 20 gigs dissapear off hard drive, for the love of god help please




      I am working in CS5.5 with 6 gigs of ram on windows 7.   I am really clueless to what is causing this problem.

      When I try to export a work area, no matter what the size of the file, be it a 33 megabyte 3gp or a 700 meg h264, 20 gigabytes dissapear off my drive, thats right 20 gigabytes or more. completely vanish.  How could encoding an export take up so much hard disk space especially when the file is only 33 megs????


      the timeline is 16 hours, but the work area file I try to export is only 10 min of 720 res, so maybe that has something to do with it but I dont understand.

      any help would be much appreciated.   thanks