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    HDV Capture Issue in Premiere Pro CS6 on Mountain Lion


      I have a MAC Pro with Preniere Pro (CS6) failing to capture HDV. All tests show the camera and firewire cables and cards are fine (they all work on FCPX on the same machine). Ihave an ATI HD 5870 (1Gb) Graphics card the machine has 12Gb RAM and the Camera is a Canon XHA1S (I also have a Sony Z1e - exactly the same issue there too) Has anyone had experience of this type of Capture issue in Mountain Lion ?



      Update: I have a system backup I made of my mchine at OS X 10.7.5 before I upgraded it to 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion). I booted to this backup and launced Premier Pro .. under this OS version the HDV Capture works fine ! I can capture from both my HDV (Sony and Canon) cameras fine. When I boot agin on the M Lion drive (OS X 10.8.2) the Capture fails to work .. Looking like something between CS^ and OS ML ... ?