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    Strange problem with Premiere Pro - choppy playback on encoded files after tiny change to project




      I am having some strange issue with Premiere Pro. I have been rendering my project as a h264 mp4 file in 1080p with no issues when playing the video with Windows Media Player or VLC. However, I just did a minor correction where I removed three cross-over effects ('dip to black' and 'cross dissolve' I think) - I didn't touch anything else at all. I just selected the cross-overs and pressed delete.


      Then I exported again with the 100% exact same settings as I had done earlier (went to File>Export>Media) - but now the video is not smooth at all - in Windows Media Player it is very jerky and in VLC it stops briefly every other 3 seconds or so.


      I have previously been rendering out the project at many different bitrate settings (VBR, CBR and low and high bitrates), because I was experimenting with playback quality on Vimeo - none of them had any problems when playing the rendered file locally on my computer.


      I'm really confused why this is happening, I find it really odd.


      Anyone got an idea what is causing this? I really hope someone can help me out, thanks