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    Attachment open problem in Internet Explorer


      It's a very strange and annoying issue that we already have for several months and still don't now how to work around it. Problem appears on opening attached files via the attachment tab. Sometimes all going well but sometimes we get errors like "IE cannot display the webpage". All may works fine during plenty large amount of time but in some point problem may appear again. We can save attachments via appropriate button and open them after that - it always works fine, but it's not a very good way for end users. May be somebody knows what can be a reason of such behaviour.

      It happens on different LC configurations. The main server works on RHEL 5.5, but I also reproduced that problem on my Windows 7 based local machine. All times it was Weblogic 10.3.6 and LiveCycle ES3. Any help are greatly appreciated.

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          KMunichev Level 1

          Still no ideas? May be some screenshots can help you to understand a point of issue. At least they are a bit more clear than my English


          Trying to open an attachment (.xls file)


          Error message in MS Excel (text on Russian - "unable to open")


          The next error, it appears after clicking "ok" in previous dialog box.


          Sorry for a lot of Russian text. It means next:

          Application MS Excel unable to get access to a file <file>. It may be initiated by one of next reasons.

          • Using of nonexistent file or path
          • File is using by another program
          • The name of opening book coincides with name of already opened book

          Any suggestions?