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    The file is incompatible with InDesign (Error code: 14)

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      I am running OS X 10.8.2, MacMini late 2009, 6Gb RAM, 190 GB OS Partition with 89 Gb free, Adobe InDesign CS6. InDesign is genuine, it is a Cloud license.


      I am getting this error for any file I try to open. Despite that each time I delete InDesign Recovery files, InDesign is opening but when I try to open any file I get this error.


      The document I initially tried to open contains a library. Seems like I get this errors everytime a ddocument has a library atttached to it. Does that creates issues?


      Any solution?


      Kind regards,


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If there's a library attached to it it must be a very, very, very old file.



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            sebdea Level 1

            Actually no. The libraries are created by me. Sometimes I package the InDesign and move it on Dropbox and add the library later on. But I am not sure whether the issue is in there. However, reading older posts, I delete everything on the Prefereences and it is working perfect. So far.


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              OK. I got new details regarding those stupid crashes. After last crashing session I managed to open the InDesign file.


              I had been using InDesign with success until this morning. I simply tried to open InDesign. And it starts the same stupid crashing sessions. Despite the fact I delete the Recovery files and Preferences, it still crashes. The only difference is that after deleting preferences and recovery files the InDesign is opening but then is freezing. I cannot open any file. And what is more frustrating it gave no error message what so ever. Just freeze. And I have to Force Quit it and a pop-up windows appear telling me that the crashing report will be sent to Apple. Why to Apple? It is not their software. It is Adobe software.


              So, help me get to the bottom of this issue. The computer meet all the tech requirements. I am not sure that is a hardrive failure. No other Adobe softwares are experiencing such errors. No other strange behaviours of file or other softwares is meet on my MacMini.


              I want answers not guessings. I am not paying for a software that is not working properly.


              Thank you.


              Here are couple of screenshots:


              First error: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/IND%20Crashes/Screen%20Shot%202013-01-09%20at%2010.33.34% 20AM.png


              When I hit "Return to Finder" button this is the pop-up windoww that appears: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/IND%20Crashes/Screen%20Shot%202013-01-09%20at%2010.35.58% 20AM.png


              After deleting Recover Files and Preferences, I tried to open a simple one page doccument: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/IND%20Crashes/Screen%20Shot%202013-01-09%20at%2010.40.47% 20AM.png


              Then after multiple deleeting of Preferences and Recovery Files, I managed to create a new document, or at least that's why I thought. It just freeze: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/IND%20Crashes/Screen%20Shot%202013-01-09%20at%2011.09.08% 20AM.png


              Thank you.


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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                So what changed on the system Yesterday? If ID was working yesterday, and not today, something happened yesterday.....

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                  sebdea Level 1

                  I am not sure. There were no updates installed. Neither on Apple OS nor on Adobe. I had removed completely MS Office 2011 from OS X partition and I installed OpenOffice. MS Office was removed based on the instructions found on official Microsoft website. And OpenOffice was installed without errors or something. And I did that 2 days ago.


                  I cannot point in time the exact period when those errors started to appear. But they are somehow related to the point when I tried to open an IND file with a library. The library was moved or deleted but it was still active in IND workspace/pannels. From that point the errors started. At the beginning they were simple. Just a message error from IND trying to recover a file and the dialog: YES for recover file, NO for no recovery and CANCEL for closing IND. After a while those errors get worse. The dialog box did not eveen appeared at all and IND just crashed. A simple remove of Recovered Files from User/Library usually did the trick and made the IND running. Then, last Saturday they get even worse. I had to delete Recovery files, delete IND Data Saved and IND Default from Preferences. It worked perfect for three days. Yesterday I had worked with a document that has a library containing 7 items. After finishing working on the document I closed the InDesign, without closing library before. In the last days I closed the libraries before quiting IND. After quiting IND I stoped the computer. This morning when I tried to open another document, that had no library attached the IND start crashing. So I deleted again those files from Recovery folder, and Preferences. After that it worked. I only kept each time my Workspace. The "beauty" is that removing those files makes EMPTY TRASH impossible. I have to SECURELY EMPTY TRASH.


                  I am using Linotype FontExplorer X for managing my fonts. I am thinking to renounce to it as I am thinking that FontBook from OS X can manage the fonts as perfect as FontExplorer.


                  Now, if someone from Adobe really want to get to the bottom of it I can provide them all the error logs created by those crashing events. Not only those generated by Adobe InDesign, if there are any, but even those generated and sent to Apple.


                  My MacMini is an Intel machine, with 2.26 GHz Intel Core2Duo, 6 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Memory, OS X 10.8.2, two partitions. One for Apple OS and the second for Windows 7 installed using BootCamp. On Windows partition I am using only MS Office, CorelDraw and Addobe FM10.


                  Few months ago I had been experiencing some strange behaviour on MAIL and SAFARI. Some people suggested that I might have some diskDrive errors. Back that time I was running OS X 10.7. I had never changed the HDD but I upgrade the OS to 10.8.2. It was a clean install, from zero. HDD formatted etc. But, as I said, the IND errors started few weeks ago. Since then and before then there were OS updates and Adobe updates. So, I have no idea when they exactly started to appear, after what upgrade.


                  Thank you for your time.


                  Best regards,


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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    Let's try some more minor surgery.


                    Close ID (I know, it's already closed).


                    Trash the prefs.

                    Trash the recovery data.

                    Trash the files listed here: Adobe Forums: InDesign crashes at startup

                    Trash ALL of the "Current" workspace .xml files in your user library in the workspaces folder. You can leave the base files. Just remove the current configuration ones as they may refer to the missing library.

                    Remove the FontXplorer plugin from ID temporarily.


                    Try to open ID.


                    If it works close it, and move the plugin back, then try again.


                    If you still have problems, see Troubleshoot fonts | Mac OS X


                    It's possible the office stuff did some damage to ID, too. If all else fails, uninstall, run the clean tool (CS Cleaner Tool for installation problems | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3) and reinstall and update ID again.

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                      sebdea Level 1

                      Dear Peter,


                      Thank you very much for your support. It looks like the FontExplorer X did all the troubles. It was an older version, still free. But it looks like it was dicontinued years ago as the only plug-in it had was for Adobe InDesign CS3. Nevertheless, for some reasons it was continuing fighting with InDesign to control the fonts. Each time I opened an InDesign project I had to open FontExplorer X to make the fonts related to that project available. For some reasons FontExplorer kept them active until I closed the computer. At any start-up I had to open it and activate the fonts. It was strange. Not to mention that at some point I cannot see some sub-families of some fonts even if they were active. I recall that an IND project was using MyriadPro and for some reasons IND saw just Condensed, Semibold and Bold version of it, despite the fact that FontExplorer showed all versions active, including Regular, Italic etc.


                      After I did what you had suggested InDesign is working OK. At least so far. I had completeely removed FontExplorer and I am using FontBook to take care of the fonts.


                      I wish you all the best and I am grateful for all your help.


                      Kind regards,


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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        You may want to take a look at Suitcase Fusion 4.


                        I've seen no issues at all on either Mac or Windows.



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                          sebdea Level 1

                          OK. Now I am really upset. It seemed that all my problems were solved. Until this morning. When I tried to open an InDesign file. First thing that shocked me was that my system for some reasons didn't recognized the *.indd extension asking me what software do I want to use to open that file.


                          So, I tried Open With, selected InDesign and voila... The same stupid error I am fightning for the last few weeks appeared again.


                          Here is the crashing report in case someone really understand it: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/crashing%20report.rtf


                          From my last post I had used InDesign without any problems. All the other Adobe software I am using (PS, Illustrator and Acrobat) are working perfect. Another strange thing that might be related to InDesign errors at opening is that couple of days ago, I exported a project as IDML for a client that is using an older version and I was really surprised when client sent me a screenshot showing me the first two pages of my project looking weird. Unfortunatelly I ddidn't kept the image but I will try to explain it as simple as my English will permit. Turned that right hand page was couple of cm down then the left hand page. The document was created as a spread so the pages should be aligned at the top. But no. The right page was lower then the left hand page. I asked my client to ad two more pages in front or after those weird ones and then delete them (those that were looking odd). Turned that it worked perfectly.


                          So, my main question still remains: Is there something wrong with my InDesign, my machine, or my Hard drive?


                          The only change I made to InDesign is that I installed from Cloud the EN-Hebrew version as I had a project in Hebrew. It installed perfect, no errors no warnings. I worked with that version and I am still using it (but that's because I have no idea how to turrn back to Intl English version of my InDesign).


                          I had asked my client to send me again the IDML screenshot. Here it is: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/3794714/Weird_IDML.pdf


                          I just checked my original IDML file and on my computer is looking perfect. I think that matter is not from my InDesign but from my client's versions. So, if it is really not related to my issue please disregard it.


                          Sincerely yours,


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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            The report is for a hang, which I'm not at all good at reading, and the screen shot doesn't open here. You can embed the screen shot directly into a post using the camera icon like this:



                            I'm confused, though. Does the .indd file open on your system? Why is there a .idml file?

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                              sebdea Level 1

                              Dear Peter,


                              There are actually two distinctive things, I guess. One which is my major problem: those errors I kept getting from InDesign form time to time. The second is was that IDML I am not sure whether is from my or from my client. As I said, I open it on my computer and is fine. Here is the screenshot:


                              Now, regarding those IDML files I am currently exporting is for some of my clients that have older versions of InDesign. That image is from my client that does have InDesign CS5 for Windows. I am working with InDesign CS6 for MAC. Usually I export the projects as IDML for older versions and never check them as I was confident that theyr are identically with my InDesign project.


                              On the other hand, related to this morning issue, my system lost/forgot that *indd files are related to InDesign. Same happened when I tried to open an PSD file. It asked me what software to use. That is first time I got that error. It was like my MAC performed a cleaning process emptying all caches and what else it usually does. I met that years ago when I used applejack for cleaning. After using applejack and restart computer some of the files needed relink to corespondent softwares. But only for first opening. Once I opened a file with a designated software then alll files with the same extensions were opened with that software. Does that have any meaning?


                              What I really want to understand is why my InDesign is working so bad every couple of days.


                              Could it be a posibility that some of the older projects been corrupted by the previous eerrors due to the font explorer and now theey kept giving me errors? Shall I try to export them as IDML and save them back as InDesign with another name and perhaps location?


                              Those errors appears when I am double clicking on some older files trying to open them. So far I didn't noticed to happen when I am firtsly opening InDesign then opening a file? Should be a probleem with those fles?



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                                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                Recurring errors are either from a software conflict of some sort or some hardware issue -- failing memory or hard drive are two possibilities.


                                You should expect the text to reflow so that line endings change when your .idml is opened in CS5, and there may be other differences depending on the file contents and construction. It's much better is everyone is using the same version for collaboration. Your colleagues must have the 7.0.4 patch installed for ID in order to open your .idml, I suspect.

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                                  sebdea Level 1

                                  Hi Peter,


                                  It's have been passed a while since I did not experienced InDesign errors. They started today. Again. This time, I found an error log. Could you be so kind and have a look and let me know what is exactly the problem? It's callled Hang Report.


                                  Thank you in advance.

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                                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                    As I mentioned before, hangs are not all that helpful in figuring out what's wrong, but they can be converted into crashes pretty easily. See Adobe Forums: InDesign CS5.5 Not Responding for directions on what to do next time it hangs.

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                                      sebdea Level 1

                                      Yes. I already did those and worked again. I am not sure whether is because I installed InDesign CS6 cloud on my Windows partition or because it is just something related to hardware. For me it is still strange as no other softwares are reporting errors, well except for Finder that from time to time quits right after starting. Hmmm.


                                      Thank you for all your help and patience.


                                      Sincerely yours,


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                                        sebdea Level 1

                                        Hello all,


                                        I have few updates. The crashing Finder was solved. It turned that SugarSync desktop application create those errors. I uninstal it and from then everything went perfect.


                                        However lately I discovered a strange thing. From March 2013 I haven't been experiencing InDesign crashes. Nevertheless I discovered that lately InDesign crashes after I am doing maintenance work to my MAC using Onyx. That is been very strange as I use it weekly. After the maintenance InDesign do not start. It crashes instantly, then it is trying to start and it stays with more then ten minutes showing me intro screen. After couple of minutes it is finally starting up but I cannot use it. Any move I make it freezes InDesign. After Forcing it to quit I take it over and in starts. Bottom line after three-four forcing quits it finally starts and I can work. Most bizare is that after those quitings is trying to recover some files. Which I have no idea since I do not open a file, just the software.


                                        So far I stoped using Onyx but I found very unpleasant InDesign's behaviour. Very important to say that Illustartor or Photoshop do not have issues starting after working with Onyx. They do start kind of slowly but I think is due to the fact that Onyx is emptying the Fonts cache and those applications must rebuild their font structure or something, I am not too technical regarding this subject.


                                        Have anyone experiencing same issues when using Onyx? Or are there other people using Onyx?


                                        Kind regards,