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    How to make Auto-tune with CS6? And how to lower the pitch of the beat?

    Alvinzer0 Level 1

      I'm currently trying to record my first song with CS6. I used Cool edit before and people have told me that AA's way better.

      However I have many questoins regarding recording effects. Here are my questions.


      1. How to use Auto-tune in CS6?


      2. How to lower the pitch of one instrumental without changing much of its quality?  I'd like to lower the pitch, record my voice, then increase the pitch of my voice to where the instrumental was originally. (I am trying to remix a song with Chris Brown on the hook so it is killing me)


      3. What is the normal procedure of improving the vocal effects after recording? Like some kind of effect that makes your voice sound professional. (I usually make rap songs and sing sometimes, so what are the effects we should use?)


      Pardon me if my questions are too simple. English is not my 1st language and I don't really understand all the terminologies in CS6.


      Thanks guys.