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    Common Library - won't update symbols

      I am designing a series of CD labels that have common elements. It seemed natural to have those common elements as a graphics symbol in the common library, so that in the future a change to those elements does not require manually editing 30 files.


      I can't get an imported symbol to update from the common library AT ALL. Even manually using the "Update..." command for the imported symbol from the library pane says it completes and then DOES NOTHING to the symbol instance and DOES NOT CHANGE any new instances of that symbol. It basically doesn't work at all, at least not for the files I am using. I'm using Fireworks CS3 with all the latest Adobe updates installed.

      Is this a known bug? Am I misinterpreting what the Update command is supposed to do? Is there some simple trick I am missing?

      Here are the basic steps I'm using for testing:
      - Create a document and import a common library graphic symbol. It shows up in the library pane and says (imported).
      - Drag the symbol onto the workspace to create an instance.
      - Save this file as File1.
      - "Save as" the file as File2 (File1 is closed and the file is now open as File2).
      - Edit the symbol in file 2 in some blatantly gauche way. Use Save to Common LIbrary from the Library pane. This dialog requests confirmation to overwrite the existing symbol file. Say yes.
      - Save and then Close file 2.
      - Open File 1. From the Library pane, select the symbol and choose "Update..."
      - Nothing happens to the symbols in file 1.. They are not "Updated" whatsoever and remain as originally instanced, not as the symbol that now exists in the Common Library. If I delete the symbol and re-import it, then I do get the modified symbol... but then thats not quite the same thing as being able to update the symbols in place.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          This is normal workflow Joe.

          A symbol instance is exclusive to the document that contains it, no matter how many times you update or recreate the original Symbol.

          It's not until you drag/drop the new symbol, will you get the opportunity to update the instance that exists in the file.

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            Joe_Pixel Level 1
            I appreciate the reply!

            I seem to be getting ever more frustrated though.

            - The "preview" of the symbol in the Library pane shows the OLD symbol.
            - Using the "Update" command in the Library pane for the symbol does NOT update it to the new version of the symbol in the common library file. What the heck is the "Update" command supposed to actually do??

            - The "preview" of the symbol in the Common Library pane shows the NEW symbol!! Yay!
            - Dragging the symbol from the Common Library pane and choosing the "replace existing items" option, DOES NOTHING. Both the new dragged symbol and the existing symbol are the OLD one, not the new one. The preview of the new symbol was just a tease!!
            - The only way to get the actual new symbol in the document is to delete the old one from the document entirely, and then start over dragging it from the Common Library. Doesn't this basically defeat the entire utility of having a symbol in the first place? My intention is to share a symbol in several files, or at least have a mechanism for easily updating/synchronizing them... is this impossible?
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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
              No problem.

              I can see what your trying to accomplish - similar to Illustrators 'linked' file concept, but it's not there, perhaps another version.

              As for the preview not showing the correct version- two things come to mind is 'was it actually Saved' (I did this a few times but actually forgot to Export back the changes), and/or is the Saved version in the right folder (Coommon Library folder). If you did these two, then refresh the Common Library list, it should be updated on the fly.

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                Joe_Pixel Level 1
                I think on top of the fact that Fireworks has very limited support for sharing symbols across files, I am also running into bugs in their limited implementation.

                The Shared Library preview shows the correct version of the symbol, but this is not the version that is dragged onto the document. Plus the "Update..." function in the Library pane does not appear to function at all.

                Guess I will have to work around this somehow. CS3 certainly seems to be way buggier than previous macromedia releases of Fireworks. I'm constantly running into things that are broken, as well as extensive memory leaks when working with very large graphics. Fireworks has a lot of functionality, but I don't know that I would recommend it to others, unless they are just doing very simple things.

                Here is another bug I just ran into: I directly opened the Common Library symbol png files in Documents & Settings/username/Application Data/Adobe/.... to edit the symbols. The symbol editor opens fine and everything appears normal, EXCEPT that you can't change colors on graphic objects! Very very strange behaviour. Typical of the sort of thing I am constantly running into with Fireworks.