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    Problem Deploying

      I have developed a simple application that consumes a web service provided by a server on our LAN using Flexbuilder 2.

      This works fine when I run the application directly from Flex (i.e. on my PC).

      I deployed this to a server on our LAN (not the server that is providing the web service). All I did was copy all of the project files and directories into the web site root folder.

      When I browse the HTML file, my data grid and buttons all appear.....but the data from the web service doesn't appear. There's no error message.

      Do I need one of these cross domain XML script thingies? If so, why don't I need it when I run the application from my PC?

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          JKohn99 Level 1
          Sandbox security protections are turned off when running from Flex Builder using a file url instead of a web address. Yes you need a crossdomain policy file to access a resource from a server other then where the flex app is served from.

          This is quite well explained in the help. The only thing that is an issue is figuring out where the WebServer root is, since this may be different for different web servers. On Tomcat there is a directory called ROOT where the file must be placed.

          To be sure the file is on the right place, in a web browser
          type http://myserver:myport/crossdomain.xml
          (i.e http://MYSERVER:9080/crossdomain.xml)

          The contents should be displayed.