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    Noob PSE 11 Editing/Laptop Questions

    deeve5603 Level 1

      Hello all, I have been reading through the forums and taking some tutorials to learn about PSE11. I am currently using the trial version to see how I like it. I am running into some frustrations and hope the group and help with some answers.


      My goal is to edit GoPro Hero 3 Black edition videos.  FWIW, it is my understanding the GPH3 can take some pretty high quality videos.  I am currently trying to edit the videos on a Mid 2009 Macbook Pro 2.26GHz  Core 2 Duo with 4GB of ram and a single 160GB HDD.  I am waiting for the mail to deliver more ram, so I can run at the machines max of 8GB.


      As you can guess, my problems are very chopping playback and SLOW editing.  Everything is laggy causing problems editing because I get the spinning wheel or just slow reaction quite often and cannot be too exact with things.  I just tried a Smart Fix to a 1.5 min clip and it took about 25 minutes. Rendering a 10 min video takes over an hour and the machine gets very hot.  Obviously I am taxing the computer doing this. 


      I am not looking to make money or get professional results.  I am a brand new Noob with taking videos and editing, but want to learn. The problem is that it is so slow, it gets frustrating.  My questions are, will this machine every be able to smoothly edit videos? I could upgrade the HDD to a SSD and get a second drive to store the videos/pics/general storage, but what do you all think the results will be?  Will I be happy with them, or still get the long publishing/editing times that are CPU intensive?