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    O.K to Install PE11 on D: drive ?

    Dan Dare



      I have new laptop a Fujitsu AH512 with Win8 !  and for some insane reason the hard drive is split into two partitions C: and D:.


      The C: partition is only 75gb. with 36gb. free whereas the D: partition is 373gb. and is totally empty. The laptop came with recovery discs.


      I am obviously stuck with this format now so need to start putting stuff into the D: partition to even thing up.


      I feel I can install PE11 and later PPE11 also in D: but do I need to create a 'Program Files (x86)' Folder  .ie 32 bit  or just a normal 'Program Files' folder  i.e 64 bit. and do I need an 'Adobe' file within that folder to install into.


      and could there be problems wih any associated files which may be in C:


      Windows will put  the programme into C: 'Program Files (x86)' / Adobe.  folder  if left to its own devices. but the option is there to install elsewhere.


      All advice appreciated.