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    ADE - Library -NOOK Download


      I have installed ADE with www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions; my computer program list says so. However, when I open the file I don't get the 'Setup Assistant' dialog box . . .  therefore I cannot continue to the activation screen to 'authorize the computer' to download books that I've checked-out of my local library. My local library access code is PL2361 + my 6 digit library card number. I'd like to put the books on my NOOK HD+.  What's befuddling me is that I am able to use ADE to put course reading material from Hillsdale College in the ADE Library to read on the computer.  If I'm not authorized, how does ADE get the college reading material? Is this an ADE problem, a computer problem, a local library problem,  a NOOK problem, or a ME problem? Helllllppppp!!!