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    Inspiration Browser Loop

    DiamondBackMatt Level 1

      This is amazing.

      I open PE10 Welcome screen

      I click Tips and Hints

      It tells me Inspiration Browser is not installed. Do you want to install it? YES.

      Opens a webpage instructiing to click Install Now, I click.

      Prompts me to Open or Save: I say Open.

      It opens and says the Inspiration browser is already on this system and same version.

      Do you want to run?


      It opens and tells me the best way to open Inspiration Browser is thru the PE or Photoshope Elements programs.

      I click OK and it closes.

      What is the point of having the *&^%$#@! link adobe?



      Is this by design or is my installation goofy?

      Anybody else experience this ridiculousness?