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    Lightroom 4 will not move some folders to new drive

    Alan Eckert

      Following several online tutorials, I successfully moved most of my Lightroom photos from one external drive which was nearly full to a new 1 TB drive.  However, 95 photos out of over 16,000 would not move.  I figured out it was because I had originally copied them to the old drive from a CD and the permissions were read only.  So I went into Finder-Get Info and changed the permissions on all 95 files to read and write.  Now, however, Lightroom will not transfer the folders containing the files to the new drive.  It says "A Folder Named . . . already exists at this location."  However, the folder doesn't show up in Lightroom.  Lightroom did create the folder, and it shows in Finder, but it does not show in the LR catalog and I can't import files into it.  What now?


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.