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    using web services

    alejandro52 Level 1
      I want to create a flex app that gets data from a web page and displays specific parts of it on the app.For example i want to have a text field where a add a movie title and when i press a button it search imdb for the movie and returns the director of the movie, but the problem is that i don't know where to start. How am i supposed to do that?Can you give me some examples or a sample app that does someting like that and i can view the code?
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          batmitra Level 1
          I don't have code to show you but i have some advices:

          1st - Webservices is a good choice but depending on how you're gonna use it, i mean if you are making yourself a webservice than you have access to your server so you wont have security problems, but if you are trying to use public webservices than you must think on the flash player security sandbox because it doesn' t let you acces a webservice if the owner doesn't have a crossdomain file alowing your access.

          2nd- take a look at flex docs, they are free and very good, webservices are very easy.

          3rd- Here are 2 places where webservices are free and can use flex, search for samples on Google you 'll find a lot.

          youtube API
          Flickr API

          you can also try Yahoo Pipes.