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    Few Question about components - first project


      hello everyone, this is my first Flash Builder php web based and i would like to know if any of these below is possible, if so how? And will it be able to pass the data over to the Database. I already generated a form from the database but i would like to change a few of the input text fields to a numbericstepper, combobox and DropDownList. 

      1. Can i add a generating letter/number (A1002) field on a form which is submitted to a MySQL database when submitted?

      2. Can i add a text input field that i can use to send a email from the data that was added to the MySQL Database?

      For example after the form is added to database i want to send a copy of it to a email


      The datefield works, but how do i get the numricstepper, combobox and droplist to work?

      For example:

      protected function button_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void



                      var privatebooking2:Privatebooking = new Privatebooking();

                      privatebooking2.confirmationnumber = confirmationnumberTextInput.text;

                      privatebooking2.bookingdate = bookingdateDateField2.selectedDate;  (DATE FIELD)

                      privatebooking2.bookingtype = bookingtype.selectedItem; (suppose to be drop list but doesnt work)

                      Alert.show("You have successfully added a new booking");