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    JPGs created in Photoshop/Mac appear distorted on PCs


      We use Creative Suite CS6 on Macs. Recently some (but not all) of our clients using PCs started reporting that JPGs we created for them appeared heavily artifacted, as saved at extremely low quality. (Screen grabs from their PCs confirm this.) When files are sent back to us from these users they look perfect on the Mac. When clients attempt to use these "suspect" JPGs on their websites they are glitched. This isn't an email issue (same result using YouSendIt). And since most PC-using clients do NOT have the problem, it's not strictly a platform problem. We haven't upgraded equipment or OS since the last time we generated JPGs for these same clients (without incident). Has anyone else had a similar problem? Any ideas? I don't even know where to begin to diagnose. The Adobe chat person vaguely suggested maybe it was hardware or software (duh).