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    Analog Capture with Matrox MXO Mini: close but no cigar


      Hi, I'm hoping some wise user can help me find the missing link.


      I'm trying to digitize VHS via Capture using Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX ( into my MacPro (10.7.5) running CS6


      I'm getting video and audio signal to the Capture window, but when I hit record it looks like it's doing it's thing as "Stopped" changes to "Capturing Name.mov. Hit Esc to stop recording. Capture Duration: 00:00:00;00"


      The capture duration never increments and no file gets recorded. Hitting the Esc doesn't do anything either.


      Capture Settings: Capture Format - Matrox Recorder

      Video Capture Settins - Video Format: 720p 59.94 10-bit (Codec = DVCPRO 720 60 (choosed to match other footage))


      Device Control - None.


      Capture Location is to my internal RAID (experimented with choosing my OS drive)


      Premiere Prefs:


      Capture - Abort on Dropped frames is OFF, Report dropped is ON, Generate batch only on unsuccessful is ON, Use Device timecode OFF


      Since I'm getting AV to the control window, I feel like I'm close and just missing something....


      Any help would be much appreciated.