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    RH under the covers

    Gravenstein Level 2
      We've been looking for ways to improve performance with RH and RSC. As part of the analysis, I used a performance monitor to see what processes occurred while RH was running. Yikes! Even when I am at rest in the project, a seemingly endless parade of file accesses goes flying by. Thousands upon thousands of them. I see this odd looping through files that are associated with the templates, and an ongoing polling of all the folders in the project. Once in a while, it will stop. Certain activities seem to set the whole thing in motion again.

      Has anybody looked at this? Is there a way to tame this behavior to achieve better response time? At a casual glance, it looks like RH7 restricts this behavior a little bit. Where RH6 was doing its template-related looping more or less constantly, RH7 was doing it about once a second. That's not enough to tame the beast, though.

      Any hints appreciated!

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          HKabaker Level 2
          Hi, G

          Very intereting.

          This is not just at the beginning, for a few moments after you've launched the project, but whenever the project is open. If you are idle, does RH stop until you change something?

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            Gravenstein Level 2
            It keeps on going even if I'm idle. (Not that I'm admitting to being idle!) It's not entirely consistent, though. Sometimes it stops and waits. I did see an interesting correlation where the entries were just spinning by...until I closed the Single Source Layouts pseudofolder. Then it stopped. Opening the folder again - not *doing* anything, mind you, just opening the folder - started the entries spinning by again. Same behavior with the stylesheet folder. Not with the templates folder, interestingly enough.

            Then RH had to mess with my neat theory by starting the processes again without me opening a folder or touching anything.

            I haven't established the pattern, but there sure seems to be a lot going on.