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    photos have disappeared


      How do I recover a series of photos from my 2008 Asia trip.? They're no longer in photoshop elements 9 or premier elements 9.

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          saurabh288 Level 4

          The photos are not removed from pse9 unless unitll one removes them explicitly from organizer. It may be due to some search criteria that these photos are not being displayed.

          Can you please go to Find->Clear date criteria and then see if it works.

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            dcarlton613@gmail.com Level 1


            Thank you for the timely reply.  The selection you  recommended was not

            highlighted, so it was unavailable for me to choose.


            However, I did try other items under "find", including" items not in any

            album".  I found my pictures there.  I'm confused, though, because I spent

            hours after our trip tagging these photos and getting them in albums.

            Album names included "door series,"  "pond series., ":" garden series."


            Can you explain why these no longer exist, so I can avoid this problem in

            the future?





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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Do you not see you list of Albums in the right hand panel. If not you may need to expand the Album section by clicking on the small triangle icon.