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    figuring out acrual DPI of images in pathfinder for mac vs photoshop


      I was looking at some images in both pathfinder for mac & Photoshop CS6, when I looked at an image I scanned with my HP photosmart, in the get info button in pathfinder, it would list horizontal & vertical resolution as 600 DPI, when I opened this same image in Photoshop, & clicked on file info there was very little about it under camera data, just a resolution of 72 DPI.


      In the HP scan settings, I chose 600 DPI, why is Photoshop showing it as only 72 DPI?


      what is the actual resolution of this image? which is going to give me an accurate number and the one I should believe? pathfinder? or Photoshop? I thought it was 600 DPI


      how can I be sure that I am scanning my images at the resolution I choose?