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    How to make my CQ instance use swap space?

    kalimisetty@logica Level 1



      We had memory issues with our application in CQ and came to know that CQ was not using the swap space at all. How to make my CQ instance use the swap space?

      Also, please let me know where all I can tune the swap space entries.


      Thanks in advance...

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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          If CQ5 has memory issues, you should first increase the Garbage Collection logging and analyze, what kind of problems you have.


          Swap space is a concept of the operation system; if phyiscal memory is not sufficient, it can use space on the disk(s) to swap out currently unused programs/data. This concept was important years ago, but today you should have enough physical RAM in your system, so you don't need to use swap space anymore. Because if you constantly swap in and swap out processes, the slowdown of the affected processes (plus all others, which are affected by the reduced IO) is massive.