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    Please make PS Touch Compatible with Galaxy Note 2

    Lucidmike78 Level 1

      Many people are already using it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and it runs perfect because of the resolution, and because it is able to make precise touches to the screen because the Galaxy Note 2 has a stylus, a fast compatible cpu and gpu.


      It is also on this list of best apps for Galaxy Note 2, however, I'm not able to buy it (although I've seen it run on the Note 2 flawlessly in person)



      Please make it avaiable for the

      International Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N710*, such as GT-N7100)

      Asian Galaxy Note 2 (SHV-E250*, such as SHV-E250L)

      American Galaxy Note 2 (all model vary, but there are 5 carriers, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular)


      They all have identical hardware.  Exactly exactly the same, and they all are compatible.


      I would love nothing more than to buy this app.