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    Video rendering CS6

    Kent Falk

      I have problems to render videos. At the end of the rendering process Photoshop hangs up, no error messages are displayed and the process ”dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe” increases its processor load from a few percentage to fully occupying one processor kernel. I have found a very inconvenient work around. First I open the ”Task Manager” and abort the process ”dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe” and then Photoshop finalises the rendering process. Photoshop is still locked and does not respond to any commands. Now I once again use the ”Task Manager” to abort Photoshop. After this I restart Photoshop and continue my work. But this is a very inconvenient and time consuming process so I need help to find the proper solution.



      Kent Falk


      P.S. I run CS6 on a PC with 64 bit Win 7

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You need to provide better system info and more info about your document size and render settings. The media encoder uses hardware acceleration, so this could be a graphics driver problem. Likewise, encoding e.g. to H.264 is bound to specific limitations inherent in the spec. Based on your description it would seem that the render fails on teh multiplexing stage, meaning the fusing of audio and video, but we cannot know.