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    Mac vs PC for all in one audio/video workstation?


      Well, I have been a Mac user for my whole life.

      The more I get involved with motion graphics and post production, as well as audio, and considering the direction Adobe seems to be going with their apps, I am considering going to a PC.

      PCs seem to have a much greater flexibility for GPUs in kind and variety, and numerous other modular external components, among other things. Not to mention the huge difference in price for the setup you get.

      The consensus among my peers is that Mac is more stable, but that appears to be the only upside to using a Mac for post production. They also seem to be having a much shorter shelf life, which means I end up paying out more over a shorter and shorter time to do the same tasks. Apple seems to be ditching the pro market slowly buy surely.

      If the new Mac Pro doesn't offer significant enhancements this go around, I think I am going to move to PC for pro video/audio. Hopefully it will even be offered by summer so I have something to compare.

      Now, i dont have any interest in doing character animation of anything like that, but would like to do architectural rendering, motion graphics, and product modeling, and photo-real stills.

      I would like to run Cinema 4d, use Vray with it, all the Adobe production and design apps, and Ableton, Pro Tools, and audio apps like that, with something like the Nvidia Maximus configuration (or better if I choose) in the box.

      So to all of you out there in the industry, let me know what your perspective is on this. Or even if the Mac Pro stays relatively the same, will the new Nvidia K5000 be all the power I need to work efficiently with the above apps and goals?

      And how do you feel about Cinema 4D vs 3DS Max for the above mentioned apps? Or something else a better app for what I would like to produce?

      Thanks in advance.