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    JPEG size differs for save as.. and save for web


      I have a PSD file (16bits/prophoto RGB) with some layers. I combine the layers to ONE and change the bit depth to 8 bits.

      Then I do one of two things:


      (a) I save the file for the web in JPEG 90% high-quality and with sRGB ... filesize 340 602


      (b) I change the color profile to sRGB and save the file as JPEG in the highest quality (10) ... filesize 174 549


      I am at loss here. How on earth is it possible that the second file is almost half the size as the one saved for the web?

      What effect causes this? It is very easy to save for yhe web but as long as the JPEGs are that bigger it's no option.


      Please enlighten me.