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    Unbroken writing between 2 different input fields

    Deggz Level 1
      Think of a simple journal or diary. This is the feel I am trying to emulate in the mc.

      Each page is essentially a different input field so it can conform to the feel of writing vertically down the page before starting up at the top of the next page. My problem is getting to the top of the second page after the bottom of the first page is reached.

      I was thinking of an invisible mc at the bottom of the first page and set up a hit test between it and the text as it is being written. This would then cause a focus shift to the second input field comprising the next page, thereby allowing uninterrupted 'writing'.

      Is this a feasible tactic or is there an easier approach? It's a bit of an exotic thing to research, but I've tried anyway and haven't come up with anything other than the above theory.

      Thank you.