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    Rendering-Sometimes I get a window sometimes not?


      Ok, I am having an issue with Rendering command.  I need it to play the video back smoothly, but sometimes when I hit the Render button on the workspace the video just starts playing from the beginning by itself, but the playback is not smooth...it is just like when I don't Render.  Other times I get the Rendering popup window with status of the Rendering. That last process is what makes it easier to view.  I have no idea how to get one up over the other. Two part question:

      1-What are the differences between the two Rendering and how do I get the "good one" to come up?

      2-On the bottom of the Rendering status window is says I have 26GB of HDD space left, but the video I am working from is stored on another, external drive.  What is that about? 


      Thanks! and here is a pic of my workspace if it helps.

      Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.26.15 AM.png

      Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 9.34.23 AM.png