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    This is for 76 year old beginners.

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      I want to learn my Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Production Premium from the ground up. I need some very basic videos with not too many abbreviations explaining other abbreviations and very little technical jargon used in the explanations. On advice from a forum in Premiere Pro I clicked on the "Getting Started" video and got a window with the Error 404 that said "Sorry this page is not available". The "Chat" window appeared and asked if "Amajaj" could help? I explained I wanted to find the "Getting Started" video. He asked me again for my email and I gave it to him. He then asked for the serial number of my "Product" and I gave him the number above the bar code on my Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium box. He then asked if my product was a download version or a boxed version? I told him I was holding the box in my hand and nothing on the box said serial number or S/N: He gave me Adobe's 800 number and said they were there M-F but not on week ends. He asked if there was anything ELSE he could help me with? I said yes, help me locate the "Getting Started" video from "Learn". He didn't. I know I'm old, but I can still learn if you talk slow, and explain as you go. Can you help me find the beginner's class? Thanks.

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          Maybe the video you want is here:




          I really like the videos on the Lynda site.




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            Your serial number is not on the outside of the box (where anyone may see it) but is somewhere inside the box, usually on the disc envelope


            There is a tutorial list in message #3 and a Glossary in thread starter http://forums.adobe.com/message/2276578

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              The BEST I have ever seen for beginners: Andrew Devis over at the Cow. 107 videotutorial covering everything you can think off.



              I know its for CS6 but a lot also applies to CS5.5.


              He has also made several tutorials for Premiere CS5.

              They are all the way down at the bottom of the page.

              And several for After Effects.


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                At age 76 my mom would think of you as " a kid " since she is in her late 80's. A few years ago I helped her get started with using a computer ( she bought a pc .. the one that has a milk cow design on box -gateway ) . She had some issues with understanding some of the computer stuff ( filenames, folders, hard drive and ram and stuff like that ). I spent a lot of time with her explaining stuff and she almost always insisted on " writing down" what I was explaining. She thought she could refer to it later on and use it as a reference. This approach kept her active and having a good time with the computer ( mostly emails, some mystery games and word processing etc ).

                The learning 'curve' of editing is pretty steep even with a good knowledge of computer " guts " .


                My advice is to try and hook up with a person who can help you one on one.  Person to person. That would maybe be the fastest way to deal with the editing and associated tech stuff... as it really is a lot of stuff involved.  However, on a person to person level you would probably get everything down pat in a couple weeks... as long as you keep at it and make notes and approach it methodically.


                I don't know where you live and what resources are near you but I would maybe look into speaking to people about helping on that level ...person to person... some would probably do it for free. I know some people here would help you till the cows come home as best they can, but because of the lag of time ( you ask question, you wait for answer ) it is not a fast process.


                Some cities have film schools where they use premiere pro, avid, FCP, etc..and PC and MAC computers..and there are always students who know a lot willing to help people learn stuff... so that's another way to look at this ...do some research near home and see what's up at the local library, schools, etc... get some fast assistance one on one if you can. Would be faster.