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    Problem In moving 1 image from 1 panel to next and maintain size of original image?

    redfordl2012 Level 1

      Why is it when i drag one image from the bottom panel over to another picture(solid color) i will only get 50% of the image and not the full image. Same thing when i copy and paste that image over the gray solid colored image also i will get only 50% of the image.  The original image of the cat(full view) is about 24.79%  and picture is 11.733 x 15.644 in size.  the other image (solid color) is at 43.63%  or 6.667 x 8.889". size is in inches. Do i have to resize the images and if so how as i am a stupie in this matter. The images are aligned side by side on the main panel or display.I am trying to place the cat over the gray background image  and with a layer mask delete the present baackground of the cat to uncover the gray of the bottom layer.  Thanks!!