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    Not what I expected


      I didnt want another photo editer, I wanted to be able to create images from scratch

      any way of getting a refund?

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          what exactly did you expect? If you are on an Android device you have 15 minutes to

          decide if you want to keep using the application (and pay).


          You can create images from scratch, what kind of workflow do you use for this?




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            shamelessw Level 1

            Using the iPad, Apples policy means I have to contact Adobe in situations like this.


            All I can see is loading pictures from my device and basically editing on top of them. I expected the work flow to be more like photoshop whereas you begin with a blank document of your required size and build up layer from that, not just load a photo and edit on top that any 99p app will do

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              Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional



              You have two options before you begin a PS Touch project: Tap either the "+" icon or the "+" icon with a symbol of an image with it. You want the former. These icons are centrally located at the bottom of the PS Touch UI when you first start PS Touch.

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                shamelessw Level 1

                Found it, it didn't help that it only loaded through "intro" where that options not there wasn't until I closed a picture that it went to that screen you "errm" mentioned