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    How do I add markers to an audio track while playing? Premiere Pro CS6

    PunkDuck1966 Level 1

      With previous versions of Premiere and Premiere Pro I could simply tap a key while an audio track played back in the source window so that I could mark the beat and use this to edit my video to the music. Now when I tap the M key to add a marker to my audio track it freezes the audio playback. I've searched online and via help and can't find a solution to this. I've tried adding the "Add Clip Marker" keyboard shortcut but that doesn't allow me to add markers to audio only and also only seems to work when playback is paused.


      Help! What am I doing wrong? Surely Adobe didn't remove this feature did they?


      Is there an alternative method of working to achieve what I am trying to do?


      Thanks for your help.


      Update: I have tried with a different audio clip and found that it's fine while the audio is in the media bin - I can add markers like I always have done. However once a clip is on the timeline if I open it in the source window and try to add markers it freezes each time I hit M. Is this just a bug? Do I have to mark up all my audio etc before importing it to the timeline?