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    Sony TRV310 FireWire cable. Do you suggest 6f(apprx.1.5m) or 12f(apprx.3.5m)?


      Hi, on my other post, I stated my Sony DCR-TVR310 Camcorder does not connect to my laptop.

      To be honest, I am tired of this problem. This is my second camcorder and first one did not have Digital8.

      I had to connect it with regular rca cables and video quality was really low. Then I purchased Digital8 TRV310.

      However, I was unable to connect to my laptop via FireWire. I have HP Elitebook 2760P which has FireWire port.

      I also have basic and very cheap 4 pin to 4pin firewire cable which did not work. I tried at other laptop but no luck.

      Since long time, I am trying to find solution and someone suggested to purchase Genuine Sony FireWire cable.

      So, I am going to order 4Pin to 4Pin Sony Genuine FireWire. If they both in same price, which one you suggest me.

      VMCIL4415 - 6' (apprx.1.5m) or VMCIL4435 12' (apprx.3.5m)?. I know when cable goes shorter, signal is better.

      But I am not sure about limit. Some people suggest do not go over 4.5 meter. I actually do not need 3.5 meter long.

      Just want to know if I decide with 12', (3.5 meter), will there be any signal loss when you compare with 6' (1.5 meter) ?

      Again, 6' (1.5 meter) lenght is enough for me. Just wanted to know. This can be reference for other users too.

      Thanks in advance.