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    Coldfusion support for Server 2012


      When are installers going to be made avaliable for Server 2012 for Cold Fusion?.


      Adobe have offically said that installers for windows 8 are 3-5  months away as of September 22nd, 2012 but we havent heard anything about Server 2012?


      Server 2012 was released to MSDN on the 4th of Sepetember. 4 Months seems a long time to wait with no word on installers or support for CF on Server 2012. Are you telling me Adobe doesnt have a MSDN account and only got access to Server 2012 at the same time as the generaly public?

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          Unfortunately we are all paying the price for Oracle deferring the end of life of Java 6 from November to Feb. It sounded like Adobe were going roll all this stuff into their patch to add Java 7 support to CF9 and CF10, which they would have needed to get done by Nov. However now it seems they've slacked off and have left it to the last minute. I guess the good news is that this should all be done within the next month or so. The bad news is... it won't give us much chance to test the new release between when Adobe patch CF and before the Java 6 EOL.