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    Hairpulling Debug session


      Hi folks,


      I'm not a a maven, just a neophyte when it comes to FL CS5 AS2. 


      I did succesfully create a "photo viewer" a couple of years ago. 


      I'm tweaking it now,  reacquainting myself with the interface and in absolute consternation by whats happening.  I'm convinced its a setting or two thats causing the bizarreness.


      If you could please assist me with a Debug and a compile issue:


      1 Debug Issue)  When I Debug->Debug Movie->Debug  the swf loads ok. it generally works ok.  but there are some "variables" that I'd like to scope -- but can't because the debug console & variables panel remain empty/blank the entire time. 


      For example, from my F9-Actions (see snippet below),   I'd like to see what txtPos.text is before and  and after the assignment. Setting a break point immediately before works -- but _nothing_ displays in the debug panels.  I can't see anything -- not a call stack, not objects, not vars,  nothing.


      2 Compile Issue)  If I change the var name txtPos to txtBlahBlahBlah and attempt publish or debug  I get no compiler, output or runtime errors.  Shouldn't I?  Can't I?   In this specific I want to change the text on "screen" -- and I don't seem to see the "object" that the actionscript references

      so I'm expecting a "variable not found" kind of error -- but nothing -- the script just chugs right on through.


      Stranger,  when I create a text object in my "textfield" layer, name it txtPos (classic/dynamic) None of the above symptoms changes and the onscreen contents of my (new) txtPos is unchanged.


      function picture_num() {
      current_pos = p+1;
      txtPos.text = current_pos+" / "+total;


      I'm sure I was able to debug successfully back when so I'm obviously missing something now


      thanks for any help offered.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I haveb't much experience with the debugger, so it's better that I don't try to answer for it.


          I seldom found AS2 to be very helpful when it comes to letting you know when there's a coding problem.   Very often it just plays thru a failure without any indication.  If you make the switch to AS3 you will find every error you make gets presented.

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            rokosz Level 1

            Ok, I understand what you're saying re: the possibility of AS2 failing without notification -- but what of the Debug panels: "Console" and "Variables" remaining empty voids while debugging?   


            The latest and greatest is always presumed to be better (ie AS3), but certainly a glaring situation like empty debug panels is not something that the community or, I presume, Adobe, would let pass without action -- so again: Are there particular settings necessary to activate the debug console and variable panels?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              there's nothing in the debug panels that is needed for debugging.  the flash trace() is more flexible and more informative than those panels.

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