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    ADE wont sync with Nook App...HELP


      okay so I have a Toshiba Tablet that is android powered. I have downloaded the nook app for it and I do read books on it. I have borrowed books on my ADE but it wont show my nook under the bookshelves. I saw someone say go into your nooks files and delete the ADE file and unplug it and when you plug it back into your computer it would work....only for me it did not. I had the file on my tablet but not under nook. Anyways I hope soneone can help me bc I'd really not like to read the books on my computer I'd rather it be on my tablet ...

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          Whereas dedicated eReaders usually have to be authorized for DRM books via ADE on a host computer,

          you often authorize tablets from within an app or settings on the tablet itself.

          You should be able to transfer files from Windows/Mac using file manager.

          You can then read non-DRM books, and DRM books as well if you have authorized the tablet with the correct id,


          Different tablets behave in different ways, often they don't show up in ADE, in which case copying files is the only way.

          I think it depends on the app that is running on the tablet as well as which tablet.


          There is also a free Overdrive android app that will let you borrow and download library books directly to the tablet,

          and avoid PC/Mac and ADE completely.


          If you still do want to try to get the tablet recognised by ADE, you could also try:

          You may also find a hidden directory on the tablet, with a name like '.adobe-digital-editions'.

          You should delete that as well as the 'Digital Editions' directory.

          Or, for safety, maybe just rename them so you can get them back if you need to ....

          Make sure Windows Explorer is set to view hidden files.

          It seems Mac users have more difficulty because they can't view hidden files at all; others say that the best bet is to use a PC just for the deleting stage.