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    'organizer does not support the colorspace in the file' PSE 9


      Does anyone know how to fix th eproblem of PSE 9 Organizer not importing a jpeg picture because 'The organizer does not support the colorspace in the file', short of a reboot?


      And no the obvious 'fix the colorspace' is not the solution. This has happened to me twice in quick succession. First it was one of a batch of photos all taken at the same time, with the same camera, with the same settings. I missed checking the first of the batch when downloading them to PSE, then when I came back to this photo after downloading the rest of the batch I got the colorspace error.


      The second time it happened was when I deleted a file from the catalog (but not the hard drive) and tried to import the smae file (that was previously in the catalog0 and all of a sudden the colorspace is not good enough for PSE.


      Actually when this happens PSE is not prepared to recognize the colorspace of any picture file (well ok, gif, png, jpg and psd) and a reboot is required.