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    PS touch and watermarking.....?


      Is it possible to create a watermark in PS Touch?


      Also how can I create a layer in PS Touch which I can use for various projects?

      Thanks in advance

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          janelle_f Adobe Employee

          Yes, to both!


          To create a watermark:

          1.On top of an image you would like to watermark, make a new empty layer, make sure it is the top layer in your layer stack.

          2. Select the "&" icon, and select the text tool

          3. Write out what you want, and make the text color black or white (best for watermarking). IF you didn't want text to be your water mark, you can add an image to the layer as well.

          4. Select the Layer tool in the layers panel to set the opacity to about 50%, or lower.

          5. Set the blend mode to Multiply or any setting you wish.


          To create a layer to use in various projects:

          I would make a separate PS Touch file that just solely has the layer in which you would like to use in various projects (make sure you add it to your creative cloud account). When in a project where you wish to add this layer, just go to the "Add Image" icon, and select the file from your Creative Cloud account. If you do not have an account set up, I would recommend it. Its free!