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    What native API tools can I use with PhoneGap?


      Hi there,


      Experienced web designer here but first foray into writing an app. Haven't really wanted to get into Apple SDK development much so Adobe introducting jquery mobile and phonegap is really an awesome feature for me. Have checked out all the Adobe TV videos on the subject but they all seem to 'glance' over the features and not go much into detail. I just want to know how much native API can PhoneGap tap into?


      i.e. I want to build an app with the following features:


      • integration and login with facebook (administrators can post on facebook and it gets pushed to app noticeboard).
      • Push notifications
      • membership linked to facebook
      • create user profiles
      • GPS locator
      • shoot camera pics and post them to app
      • web server cms backend where administrator can easily update content without being a code guru!