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    Adding Lab colors to swatch - not implemented


      Dear all


      I have some problem adding new color swatches with the following code;


      var color:LabColor = new LabColor();

      color.l = colorObj.L;

      color.a = colorObj.a;

      color.b = colorObj.b;


      var swatch:Swatch = app.activeDocument.swatches.add();

      swatch.name =  colorObj.name;

      swatch.color = color;


      var swatchgroup:SwatchGroup = app.activeDocument.swatchGroups.add();




      The code crashes at "swatch.color = color" with "[ERROR] CSAWLib.CSLogger CSHostObject.hostSet() failed on color - [LabColor] with msg: Not implemented"


      So it seems the setter for LabColor is not implemented yet. Am I doing something wrong? Is there another way to add Lab based swatches to the document?


      (Using FB 4.6 & CS ExtensionBuilder 2.0)



      Thanks for reading, regards