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    Image not showing in Links

    luca del carlo Level 1

      Somehow a few images in my document, which previously showed in the links, now do not. The image is visible, just not the link in the panel. What may have happened, and how to I find it? The preflight indicates no missing link, but it's clearly not there in the link panel. Seems odd.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          An image without a link indicates it was pasted instead of being placed.

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            Experiencing the same thing here. Versions 1 through 7 of our document show the link in the links panel but version 8 of the document highlights nothing in the links panel when the image is selected in the layout. The image in question was not changed in any way between revisions 7 and 8; other elements on the page were the target for revision. The only change to the document was Save As... > (we increment the version from 7 to 8 and save to the same layout folder.)


            Our operation is very straightforward. We are all on Macs using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. Our documents are all single page and we have a team of 15 people who can put hands on each document. The indd files and their assets are kept on a Mac server in a fairly compact, per job, folder structure similar to what you get when packaging a file.


            As far as we know, this behavior did not occur prior to expansion of our department and the addition of another new iMac.


            About the image with no links panel information... The file is still present in the folder structure, the image is just not pointing to anything. The image file is tif, cmyk, 5.5 mb, layered with clipping path @ 300 dpi. The document image with no panel info has this set of limited characteristics: 220 effective ppi, & no, or incomplete metadata information.


            CS5.5 has been completely uninstalled on the newly added iMac, preferences have been cleared and all Adobe updates have been applied, however the problem still seems to persist.


            My first sigh in writing this post is that I mentioned our files are kept on a server and yada, yada, yada... Please don't simply tell me it's not supported, at least try to provide some insight.



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              RChenoweth Level 1

              luca del carlo wrote:

              ...which previously showed in the links

              Same here, for 7 versions of the document. 7 versions we still have. 1 - 7 , clearly showing the linked file. Version 8 - gone! The image is still on the layout, but the links panel shows nothing.



              Peter Spier wrote:


              An image without a link indicates it was pasted instead of being placed.

              Evidently, that's not the only thing it indicates. what else could it be?

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                Are you seeing this on all machines with this file? Have you tried an export to .idml (see Remove minor corruption by exporting)?


                Do you still see if if you create a new user account?


                You said you cleared the prefs, but did you do it following one of the methods here: Replace Your Preferences? An incomplete refresh may not work.

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                  RChenoweth Level 1

                  Yes, once the panel information is gone, every machine sees the document the same way. I opened all versions on the newest iMac, directly from where thay are saved on the server and see the links panel info missing from v8 and on. We also opened v7 & v8 on another iMac by dragging the files to desktop and experienced the same result. We did it in this way so that no saves were done to the files I had already opened and no cache change would occur.


                  We have not tried exporting to .idml. That has never been a part of our workflow. All the images and content have been used successfully before on other layouts and this is a very recent problem. Less than a month has passed since this began. The last iMac was put in service 12-10-2012.


                  Uncertain about "Do you still see if if you create a new user account?" What do you mean?


                  Cleared the prefs using the application startup hotkey method.


                  Thanks for taking a look at this!

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                    Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                    User accounts can become corrupt in odd ways, so one way to test if a problem is application/file related or user related is to make a new user account on the machine and log in with that, then open the problem file.


                    .idml isn't a normal part of the workflow, but it can be effective at resolving issues, in some cases, when a file becomes damaged in some minor way.


                    What's the histroy of this file? Did it start life in CS6? Has it been resaved multiple times without any Save As? Directly converting legacy files can sometimes be troublesome in strange ways, typically after a lot of editing has been done so it isn't convenient to go back to a backup file, if you have one. Anecdotally working with exported .idml or .inx from the original version is more reliable, in my opinion, but an export to .idml can sometimes work from CS6 after conversion.  Failure to do a Save As regularly allows useless change information to build up and bloat the file and can eventually lead to trouble as well, though I don't recall ever seeing this particular problem reported before at all.


                    Out of curiosity, waht happens if you delete, then re-Place this image?

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                      RChenoweth Level 1

                      In order to make the file "whole" again. The image(s) without panel info have to be deleted and either via CMD+D or File > Place... the same asset is selected from the supporting artwork folder and re-placed into position. Replacement will not happen if the image without the panel info is the selected frame and an attempt to place is made, the panel stays blank.


                      All files begin as CS5.5

                      We have a blank folder/document structure which is duplicated and renamed as jobs are processed into design.

                      We preach that all revisions are followed up with a Save As... However, there are these few instances where the file is opened, checked and closed without a save & without any revisions.


                      These are to check for the correct use of rich black and 100% black usage on the page. (All type elements selected over, one at a time with the type tool. As many as 200 text blocks per layout page.) Generally, this late in revisions, this is not the first check for rich, 100% black so it is pretty common that no changes are made.


                      Every image is selected and the effects panel is checked to make sure the same drop shadow settings are used. Cancel.


                      The last is simply opening the document and cycling through some panels prior to final file approval and before mechanicals are made...

                      Swatches >> Check for unused swatches.

                      Swatches >> Add unnamed colors

                      Character Styles > None but default, no modifications.

                      Paragraph Styles > None but default, no modifications.

                      File > Package... (Look at the summary for issues, click Cancel.)





                      -- One more thing, not sure if this is related... when switching application focus from another app to an InDesign window, InDesign does not always become active or completely active. Sometimes the window will come to the front with menu bars active but the document not active. Happens with only 1 document open as well as several. Sometimes focus will not happen at all unless the visible documents top border is clicked. (Clicking on the layout does nothing.)

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Other than converting the CS5.5 doc to CS6 by opening it directly, I don't see anything in your description that seems horribly bad, unless your copying is version A becomes version B becomes version C.... and so forth, so each new generation has the builtup cumulative errors from past revisions. If A becomes B, A becomes C, A becomes D so that you are always starting from the same baseline, that's essentially the same thing as working form a clean template, if the baseline is clean. ID is the most stable layout app I know, but it isn't perfect, and things do break down over multiple generations if you continue to "recyle" a document.


                        In your position, I would either rebuild the template file from scratch (preferred) in CS6 and save it in the file structure you duplicate (I'm presuming here that there is a file saved in that structure), or I'd export the CS5.5 file to .idml froom CS5.5 and then open and resave as .indd in CS6 to get as clan a copy as you can.


                        As far as the focus problem goes, I've seen similar reports here from other Mac users, but I don't recall if there is a definitive solution. I'm sorry to say that as a Windows user I don't pay quite as much attention to Mac quirkiness that never affects me as maybe I should.

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                          RChenoweth Level 1

                          That's fine. I really appreciate your help.


                          To clarify, we all live in CS5.5. We don't have CS6 or any other version.


                          Just did this...

                          From the last added iMac...

                          I just saved revision 7 (The last good save of the file) twice using 1.) Save As... and 2.) Export... IDML.

                          Saved both to the desktop. Opened both and all the links were correct.


                          Leading me to believe you are correct, it is a build-up of manipulations to the document that at some point breaks it in this way. The most images in a document this has ever happened with is 3. The most revisions we've had on a document is about 30. But the scope of changes varies greatly and we are typically trying to incorporate as many changes as we have been instructed in as few versions as possible.


                          I am going to perform the same saves on the machine which initially generated the flawed file. I'm expecting it will save correctly as well.


                          If not... I'll be back.



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                            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                            Great, and I don't know why I thought there was a move from CS5 to CS6. Too many things going, I guess.