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    I need to make a DVD from 1080p 24 fps source - got a question about the framerate

    TobiasDK Level 1



      I have a Premiere Pro project in 1080p 24 fps, and I have exported this as MPEG2-DVD (PAL Widescreen) in order to use this in Encore to create a DVD. I have the option of either 25 fps or 'Automatic (based on source)' for the framerate.


      I tried both, but it seems they both result in 25 fps (when checking in Windows properties). These look choppy when played on my PC (I assume it's because it's missing one frame) - so what I did was to use 25 fps and enabled 'Use Frame Blending', which made it smooth, but also a bit more blurry when the camera is moving. I may have to accept this, but it would of course be nice if I could get rid of it


      So I was wondering if there are any better solutions for creating this DVD from my 24 fps source?


      Thanks in advance