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    Why do I lose all my html links when converting to pdf

    matthew L2014

      I created a document in MS Word for Mac 2011 (ver 14.5.2)


      When I used Adobe Pro 11 to convert the document into pdf format, all the HTML links are lost.


      I have tried converting from MS Word, opening the word version with Adobe Pro, printing from MS Word to pdf.  Nothing works. Even opened the MS Word document using Apple's Pages software, re-formatted and then converted to pdf.  Still no live links.


      Best work around so far is to convert and then use the edit feature in Adobe Pro to re-insert the HTML links as invisible rectangles on top of the still-blue-and- underlined text.  So to the user it looks like the html links are still live, but what a pain for editor.


      I have seen this issue raised in other posts, but none of the answers seem to work. And the work around described above is clearly less than ideal.


      Very curious, as reading other posts, the issue apparently does not arise when the word doc converted from a Wintel computer.  But I can't imagine Adobe writes software one way for Intel and another for Mac.