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    Why are my files shrinking in MB so much when I crop?

    rak80 Level 1

      No matter what, when I crop an image, even just the tiniest amount off of the edges my files are shrinking drastically. If I don't touch the file with cropping, it doesn't shrink when I save. So it's not a compression issue that I know of. An example would be of a 6 or 7 mb file shrinking down to anywhere from 900 something kb to 1.5 mb. I do these files for a photographer and for enlargements bigger than 8x10 that just won't work, so he has to re-do them, and he doesn't get this issue like I do. Is it possibly a setting in CS5? I've been banging my head over this for a few days because it's driving him crazy.


      I'm just doing simple edits, curves in the studio and actions outdoors. Batch saving---if you think it could possibly something involved in that. (which I don't because it happens even when I don't batch save.)