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    CQ5.5 Issue on Solaris




      I have installed CQ5.5 author and publish instances on Solaris 10 version.


      And the Java Version is jdk_1.6.0_27.


      After installation it was working fine but later in the idle time the instances are getting hanged.We are unable to login.


      I mean on CQ5.5 Welcome console after giving username and password it is not accepting and hanged on that page.


      Can you please let me know whether Solaris is the compatible OS to install CQ5.5 instances or not?


      Is solaris is the recommended OS by Adobe?


      If it is supported then help me to solve this issue.


      Thanks in Advance.



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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee

          Solaris 10 is on support level A, which means full supported.


          Please provide more details on that "hanging", especially log information (error.log) of that time, plus request.log. Add garbage collection logging to make sure, that it is not an memory issue.



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            vmehrotr Adobe Employee

            Do you mean to say that instance hangs on Solaris machine when there is no activity on the server for long time? I would suggest you to probably take thread dumps when you face this issue.


            Have you configured SSL on your instance? I have come across a similar issue where the instance hanged while being in idle state for long time on Solaris machine. Assumption is that this is

            a linux based system where the secure random number generator does not have enough entropy and waits for increased entropy and thus blocks. However, this is just a guess. Probably, thread dumps should

            reveal the actual cause.