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    How to pan and zoom multiple stills in a grid




      happy new year to the community!


      I recently did a lot of research in this forum and for the most problems in my project i could find adequate solutions in PrE 11 which I treated myself to purchase at Xmas


      But there's still something left: I'd like to align several rectangular cells in a grid, each containing a still image that is animated by some pan and zoom.


      I cannot achieve it via the pan and zoom tool since it is restricted to the frame ratio and displays full screen. Then I tried to use key framing for the pan and zoom and cropping the photos. But the crop was scaled together with the photos and didn't remain fix. My last hope was to use an alpha mask which would have the advantage that i could create a fixed grid. But the mask was affected by the animation as well...


      I suspect, after reading the post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/996581, that this is not possible without creating intermediate video files for all photos. So my question is if there's still some way to achieve the task or if it can be confirmed that the intermediate videos are the only way.