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    Weird font issue . . .


      Here's a good one . . .  Received a customer's InDesign file and dragged it from my email to my desktop.  I opened up all the fonts needed (all open type fonts) then opened up the document on my desktop.  The file opens up just fine.  I dragged the same file to our file server (without resaving or anything) and tried opening up the file.  It gave me a missing fonts dialog.  It's acting like it's not recognizing the open type font.  It says "Garamond (OTF): Default font substituted for missing font."  So, I opened up the same file on my desktop again.  No problem.  I resaved the file and dragged it to the server again.  Opened up the file on the server.  Missing fonts.  If you tell it to "find font,"  Garamond Regular, Bold and Italic shows up in the font list as a missing font.  I've cleared font caches, trashed InDesign prefs . . ..   Running InDesign CS6 (8.0.1) on an iMac running OS X 10.6.8.  Any idea what is causing this?  Thanks in advance!!