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    Running header went crazy

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      I ran into another issue with InDesign. I am sure the problem is within the file itself not the software. But I cannot understand what's wrong.


      I created a file for a client. I set in the master pages on the right hand page a running header. The running header should look for any H01 Character Style. I did that as some headings are very long. So, I created a Heading01 paragraph style which is applied to all headings and also I applieed H01 character style for what should goes into the running header.


      So far so good. Until I added an Index section at the end of thee document. Initially it takes the last header which is Appendix 2. Why? I have no idea. Once I insert the Index MS Word file inside pages the right running header is changed to the same with the one on chapter 9. Why? The text is flowing from the beginning to the end of the document. I tried to delete those last pages, insert new ones. I tried to apply NONE master page and then adding the right master pages. I even tried to Override all Master Page Items. Nothing is working. The right hand running header is the same wwith the one on chapter 9. Important to know is thee rest of the running headers before chapter 9 and between chapter nin and Index are perfect. No errors.


      I can easily create a master page just for Index but I want to get to the bottom of that.


      Also important to notice that the file is exchanged between me and the client as some changings are done in-house. The client is using InDesign CS5.5 and I am running InDesign CS6. That error appeared after I get the latest version of the file from my client who mentioned those running header errors.


      Any help?




      P.S. Last edit: After I searched in the Index after H01 character Style, which was added to the end of a paragraph (bits me why?) the running header went perfect. Still remains the question why a character style applied inside to Index section, at the end of a paragraph creates such issues.


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          Make sure your running-header character style is still applied to the

          chapter titles you need. Also make sure (by doing search/replace) that

          it does NOT appear by mistake somewhere else (for instance, you may have

          copy/pasted the Chapter 9 title into some part of chapter 11, and

          forgotton that you have the running-header character style applied).